Re-energize your brand

Why good design matters

why good design matters

People buy with their eyes. If something looks attractive, we want to buy it. If it doesn’t look good, no matter what the features are or how effective it is we are far less inclined to get our wallet out. This is why you need to ensure you invest in good design for your business; bad design ends up costing you so much more! 

Great design makes your company memorable, increases brand awareness and builds brand loyalty and trust. Imagine going to a client meeting in jandals and pajamas vs showing up in a company-branded business shirt and tie. Now ask yourself: is my company wearing pajamas?

Your brand and everything that goes along with it - your website, marketing materials, social media pages, advertising and even your office decor - works together to form a strategy that ultimately gets you the sale. If your brand is outdated, bland or generic it isn’t doing you any favors. Your brand strategy is the foundation on which you build your entire business. Coming up with this plan for branding sets the course, and once it is done all other business functions will have a course to follow.


How to get started on re-energizing your brand

First you decide what it should look like. Your branding guidelines include everything from your logo design, fonts, company colors and the “voice” or “ brand identity” of your company. Establishing your brand identity is important. It will influence how your employees dress, what your decor looks like, what your packaging looks like, the look and feel of your website, and how your marketing materials are presented. It is the representation of your company. It is what will attract buyers to become devoted customers.

Dynamic Multi Media has a team of experts on hand to help you make these kinds of decisions. The process will have you thinking about what you want to achieve and who your brand is talking to. Together, we come up with your brand guide to help everyone in your business understand what you are trying to communicate and how to achieve it. We think about the “user experience” you are aiming for, and how your branding strategy will get you there. Visually, we want all the information you want to communicate to your client to be appealing and clear. This ultimately leads to more revenue in your pocket.

Your business has to keep up to date with modern and innovative trends to keep it relevant. Let’s suppose a business that developed it’s brand strategy in the 80’s had not spent any time redeveloping it since. It would be safe to say that the brand would look old and tired by now. It might even start looking like the company isn’t innovative itself, and that it is behind its competitors which might have the very opposite effect a brand should have.

mastercard logo progression

Your brand strategy should:

  • Tell people who you are and what you do
  • Be the face/voice/identity of your company
  • Be user-friendly
  • Build trust and loyalty from your target market
  • Build your brand awareness and recognition
  • Grab attention and set you apart from your competition
  • Purchase your product or service
  • Be shareable and create brand ambassadors
  • Build a relationship with your clients


It is clear that branding sets the tone for your company and your customers to know who you are, what you stand for and what you can offer them. Every so often a company has to look objectively at the entire branding strategy and decide to overhaul it to keep it fresh and appealing to the target market. Taking a broad view on your company and making sure that everything that has developed over the years are in line with your vision and direction will help your business stay on track.

Dynamic Multi Media knows that you have spent time, money and precious resources on building your business. We look after the details of your brand strategy so you can focus on the core business at hand. At the same time, we make sure we know exactly what your brand strategy needs to achieve, and then we make it happen.

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