How To Use Video Marketing For Your Business

By now you know how important video has become for every brand marketing strategy, especially in the social media arena. Luckily creating videos for your marketing has become accessible and easy through new technology and editing software.

Drone videos in marketing4 Ways to produce your video content

There are several different ways to produce your video content. First you have to decide on the goal of the video, where it will be used and the level of production you want. Depending on your budget and your timeline, you have the option to do something with all the bells and whistles or opt for something simpler. Here are four ways you can produce your content:

  1. Complete custom video production
  2. DIY it
  3. Stock Video
  4. Online Video Makers

1. Complete custom video production

With this option you can get exactly the vision you have in your head. You can plan and script something so elaborate and intricate that a specialist team is required to make it a reality. Anything from animated characters, drone footage to futuristic effects can be added. For this you need to call in the experts.

2. DIY it

With DIY video your options are a tad more limited. You can be creative but only within your own capabilities, with your camera phone or camera. With clever editing, something special and personal can be created. This is ideal for customer testimonials or showing off your team at work. This option also gives you a lot more flexibility if you have a smaller budget or want to produce a video in a shorter time. With the amazing editing software, an expert can make your self-made videos shine, and if you aren’t confident with your own editing abilities you might need just a little help.

3. Stock Video

Stock sites provide a great resource for those who know how to edit. If you are short on time and budget, but need something polished and professional a video produced with stock video can be a lifesaver. It gives you some options, but has the limitation that you might not find exactly what you were looking for. Clever editing and voice overs can make the most of stock video. Professional editors can also combine your own video with stock video to make a custom end product that is an excellent reflection of your vision.

4. Online Video Makers

This option is perfect for small productions. You can easily build and edit a video from stock clips that are pre-designed for you. It is tempting to think that this option would suit your needs, but since it is predicated on pre-designed templates you might be disappointed by the lack of diversity it offers. Online Video Makers serve a purpose and can be entirely suitable to a project. Yet depending solely on them for video content could cost you more than getting the professionals involved.

What to do with your video once produced

Video Hosting Platforms

Before you can start marketing with video, you need to put the video somewhere online. This is called video hosting. You have a variety of options for hosting. Here are the ones we use and recommend here at DMM:

  • Youtube: this free hosting site is also the most well-known and biggest. Youtube allows you to build a dedicated audience of subscribers who are more likely to see additional videos you upload.
  • Vimeo: this is the second largest video hosting platform. This simple platform has less ads and can have higher quality videos. It has premium account options for business accounts which offer better analytics tools and support.
  • Wistia: hosting video on this site gives you the option of having zero ads during your video play, and you can customize your options within the platform. Additionally there are in-depth analytics tools and support.

Using Video for Marketing

In this blog, we covered the types of videos that you can produce. The type of video will be defined by the goals you set for the video in the beginning of the production process. This would also determine where you use your video. Once your video is finished, you can start using it.

  • Your first marketing channel for video is your website, where you can display video in a gallery, a blog post or a product page.
  • Video at events, conferences and exhibitions can add an extra wow factor to whatever products or services you are trying to sell and get your customers on board easily.
  • Marketing yourself with video on social media is one of the most powerful tools in your marketing toolkit in 2019.

Choosing the right time and place

Your video marketing strategy will determine the right time and place for your video to be used. Having kept this video marketing strategy, together with the overall marketing plan in mind throughout will get you the best results with your video content. Consider where in the buying cycle your potential customer will be and the video that will appeal to them. Then use the video content strategically to either attract, convert or close and ultimately, delight your customer. Consider the call to action in each video that drives the client to complete the action you require, for example, to build brand awareness, your video would expose new prospects to your services with a call to action such as “Learn More”.

When to use video

Video can accomplish a myriad of things, from advertising to informing, to launching a new product. Depending on the complexity or novelty of your concept, you could choose video to communicate your message. It is also worth remembering that consumers are more visually inclined these days. With this blog, you can read more about the different types of video which might help you decide if video is your best option. If you require assistance with your decision, don’t hesitate to contact DMM for a consultation.


Where to display video

With all this said, you will find yourself wanting to utilize a really well produced video in as many places as you can. It is tempting to post it on every platform you can find, but not necessarily wise. Here are five options for your video to be displayed:

  1. Your website: This is always your first stop, and will establish authority for your video from the word go.
  2. Youtube: you can easily share this link with your customers via email, newsletter email or if they subscribe to your website. Make sure you have a link to Youtube on your website with your social share buttons. You can also choose to do Youtube Ads preroll or inline, as is appropriate to your video.
  3. Facebook: Video can be posted, used in advertising or inline video. Making something shareable and interesting will extend your reach beyond your current following.
  4. LinkedIn: Especially powerful in business, this platform is particularly useful for reaching your business network and their network. You can also do advertising through the LinkedIn Network.
  5. Instagram: This platform is useful for businesses that have a product or service which is easily filmed or photographed. This platform offers you advertising through the Facebook Ad Manager.

DMM has a dedicated team with years of experience filming, editing and marketing video content. We are in the business of making beautiful things. With all of our expertise and a portfolio to back us up, you can definitely trust us to do something spectacular for you with your budget and timeline in mind.